Show Quality Labrador puppies for sale in Delhi

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Labrador Retriever
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dog mills
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Rs. 12000.00
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Sep 05, 2017
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About Puppy

How to choose a puppy
1.Age: One months old.AND 9 Days Old
2.Energy level: A healthy puppy that ôs well rested should appear alert and energetic.
3.Eyes: A healthy puppy has bright, clear eyes without crust or discharge.
4.Breathing: A healthy puppy breathes quietly, does not cough or sneeze a lot, and does not have crust or discharge at his nostrils.
5.Body condition: A healthy puppy looks well fed, with some fat over his ribcage.
6.Coat: A healthy puppy has an attractive coat without excessive dandruff, dullness, greasiness or baldness.
7.Gait: A healthy puppy walks and runs normally without limping or seeming stiff or sore.
8.Hearing: A puppy who can hear properly should react if you clap your hands behind his head.
9.Vision: A puppy who can see properly should notice a ball that rolls by slowly within his field of vision.

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