Shih Tzu Male Pup for Sale in bangalore

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Shih Tzu
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Tri color
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Jul 24, 2015
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40 day old Tri-colored Goggled eye Show Quality Shih Tzu Male Pups For Sale!! Hurry Up!!

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Shih Tzu

Country of Origin
The breed originated in China and is among the earliest breeds and officially recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1969. Living between 10–16 years.

Dog weighing 4–7.25 kilograms and Height up to 27cm

Coat and Color
Gold, white and red, black mask gold, solid red, black and white, solid black, solid liver, liver and white, blue and white, brindle and white and silver and white.


Courageous and clever and an alert, lively, little dog. They make a very alert watch dog.