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Shih Tzu
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Aug 26, 2017
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About Puppy

I am an expert and specialist shih tzu breeder at Delhi, India. That is the only breed in which I have specialized in. I do check my emails and online messages regularly. That is the fastest way to reach me. My all contact details with google location has been shared on website. I usually revert all my emails daily so that is the free way to get in my touch. If you are looking to buy shih tzu puppy and wanting to send the deposits please call me first so that I can make a hold on a pup of your interest.
- We are a specialized Shih Tzu dog breeders in India and offer Shih Tzu for sale.
- We can assure you the parents of the pups are healthy.
- We have tricolor, bicolour and other rare traditional colors.
- We will give you knowledge about the breed and will revert your questions.
- We are satisfied in our breeding work and enjoy what we do.
- We have our customers from many years.
- The puppies are inspected by doctor (vet) at the age of seven weeks for -nose,eyes,ears,heart, testis and any parts required.
- In business for past 9 years.
- We want see you get the top quality shih tzus.
- Many customers own couple of our shih tzu puppies at the time of visit.
- We love our dogs and puppies endless.
- We assure you will feel proud for buying from us.
- We will give you a diet chart for meal schedule of puppy.
- We have all standard sizes shih tzu available.No toy shih tzu available.
- Our every puppy gets a total veterinarians check up.
- We share the breed information with our new shih tzu owner.
- You want more information so you can call me. 9999823746.9654196040

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Shih Tzu

Country of Origin
The breed originated in China and is among the earliest breeds and officially recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1969. Living between 10–16 years.

Dog weighing 4–7.25 kilograms and Height up to 27cm

Coat and Color
Gold, white and red, black mask gold, solid red, black and white, solid black, solid liver, liver and white, blue and white, brindle and white and silver and white.


Courageous and clever and an alert, lively, little dog. They make a very alert watch dog.