Original Chippiparai puppy for sale in Salem

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110 DAYS
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Rs. 25000.00
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Jul 14, 2014
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Sold Out

About Puppy

Original chippiparai puppy for sale 110 days 21 inch 20kg.
Definitely is should be growth in 34 inch. Tamilnadu grayhound.
nice puppy. 25,000 only.........

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Country of Origin
Chippiparai is Pure south-Indian ( Tamilnadu ) breed ike Rajapalayam breed. Chippiparai mainly used for hunting and watching farms. Few years back most of farm people used to have this breed as watch-dog. Since it has long and thin leg, it can go very faster comparing to other breeds. There are very few breeders now for Chippiparai in South-India.

Chippiparai is Medium type dog with lean structure and about 26 inches tall. as like other hound breeds it has sharp head and its legs are long, thin and strong for fast running.

Coat and Color
Chippiparai used to be in Fawn colors. There are other few colors those are even rare colors like brown, silver gray. Coat is easy to groom and does not shed much due to its short coat length.

The Chippiparai is unusually adaptable, obedient, and kind-hearted always attached to owners. Its kind of full time watch dog, it has a very keen sense of smell. Most of them are used for hunt. Affectionate dog breed.

Since its Native India breed, its very less maintenance comparing to other breeds and no need much vet care. It needs more training and more exercise for hunting. It has good ability to secure their owners properties even other pet animals too. Strictly attached to house people not outsiders. Chippiparai body particularly formed for fast running and catch any small animals like rabbits easily.