American Pitbull terrier female pup 4 months old for sale

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American Bully
  •  Age:
4 months
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white and cream mix
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UP - Delhi
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Oct 05, 2017
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About Puppy

Good Quality, broad bone structure, broad muzzle American Pitbull terrier female pup 4 months old for sale. pet lovers can call me. Puppy is very health and active, proper vaccination done.

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American Bully

Country of Origin
The American Bully has a well-defined, powerful appearance with straight, muscular legs. The head is medium-length and broad with a well-defined stop and high-set ears, which may be natural or cropped. The neck is thick and strong, tapering from the shoulders to the base of the skull, with no loose skin. Jaws should be square and well-defined, with an even or scissor bite, and the tail should be undocked and of a medium length with only a slight curl. Curly or corkscrew tails are considered to be a fault.

Coat and Color
The coat is smooth, short-haired, and glossy. Any color combination except merle is acceptable.

The ideal temperament for an American Bully dog is confident, dedicated, and loyal. American Bullies are intelligent and highly trainable, but should be well-socialized when young to avoid dog aggression. They are courageous and persistent fighters if provoked.