Dog Care

Welcome to dog Lovers who are interested to buy dogs. Some of you may already be dog owners; you know everything about the dog and how to take care of the dog. But most of the new buyers will be very interested to buy the dogs and love the dogs but they may not know how to care of them.
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For those buying the dog at first time; should be aware of the dog maintenance. How to feed your dog? What is the main core food for them? What is the Supplementary food? What cause infections to your dog? Infection that can be spread by your dog, Rabies precautions and everything about your dog should be known by you. The knowledge about the dogs makes easier maintenance and it reduce the risk and issues related to them.

Feeding your dog

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Feeding your dog with rich nutrient is the basic thing you should know. Feeding the food what humans take is not advisable. You should know what foods are necessary for your dog and the food that should be avoided.
Less nutrient food may affect their immunity system and many other health issues will be faced. So, well balanced nutrient dietary food is prominent for your pet.

Dumping of more foods to dog also creates problems for them. They may lead to obesity, digestive problems, joint and knee pain, etc. Proper amount of food should be given to them at proper interval. How often you feed the dog is important. It is based upon your dog’s digestive power, activity level, age and size. It may differ from puppy to adult dog.

A basic rule is adult dog must be fed twice a day, a young dog requires more frequent feeding and the pregnant dog and dog that feeds her young ones may require more meal than usual.
This rule may vary based on your dog, some adult dog may require 3 meals a day and for some adult one meal is enough.

Main Course food and Supplementary Food
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When you are introducing a new food to your pet, try only small amount. If you find no problems in your pet health next time increase the quantity of food, slowly introduce new brand or new food into their diet.
Many pet stores and more brands are available these days. Read the nutrient content of the food and ask your vet for suggestion before choosing the brand. Main core food should be nutrients rich based on your dog variety and size.

Dog meal should be a diverse range of foods and food combinations. It may differ for individual dogs and it is based on the different factors like dog’s activity level, age, size and variety.
Supplementary food can be given with dog’s main food when your pet feels tried and energy not sufficient. Many supplementary foods are available for your dog dental care, dog’s skin care, Bone and joint care food, dog stomach and digestive food and others. Be sure what type of supplements needed for your dog and consult your vet before giving.

Supplementary food should be given when it is necessary for your dog. These supplements may be used in treating of your dogs. It is not necessary when your dog is healthy and main core food may meet their health requirement.

What makes your dog infectious and infections from your dog?
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Dog skin can be easily get infected by the mite, flea, ticks infections and the hair grooming and cleaning is frequently needed for your pet. When your dog skin is wounded it can be easily affected by bacterial infections. Symptoms like itchiness, hair fall and dryness can be seen. Some other bacterial infections may cause severe illness to dog and care should be taken immediately.

Bacterial and Viral infections are most common in dogs and some of these infections can be prevented by vaccinations. Dog owners should know about the symptoms and preventive measures.

Pets spread their infections to humans when they have close contact with their saliva, waste, and while they are bitten. Some time it may show serious symptoms in people like diarrhea, fever, stomach pain etc. Pet owners should be aware of the infections from their pets and ways to prevent it.

Rabies Precautions
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Rabies is the worst disease caused by virus can be spread from rabid animals to humans by their bite or saliva. It is a deadliest one when it is found in the later stage. It can be cured when it is found earlier by vaccine available for the treatment. Prevention of Rabies is better than curing. Your pet should be vaccinated at proper time. Immediately go to Vet when you bitten by the dog or any animal.

Maintenance of Dog

Dog maintenance includes grooming hair and bathing dog at regular interval. Grooming its hair after the walk in grassy or bushy areas, fleas and ticks checking, dental check-up, nails trimming, ear cleaning, spaying and neutering, etc.

Training your Dog

Your dog gives you joy and good companion ship if trained them properly. Untrained one lets you in serious issues. Training dogs will make a bond between you and your pet. It improves your pet life style and also safety. Dogs are usually very good learners and they love to learn and do activities. Training starts from come, sit, bark, go, how to behave at strangers, how to welcome guest and many more. Your dog should be awarded or praised immediately when its behavior is good. A small treat or praising makes good training. They can learn the words quickly and the same words should be used again and again. A slight change in words may confuse your dog. You should not scold or shoot louder or beat at your dog when they did not do what you expected. It will make negative impact to your dogs about training.

Regular exercise

This is another important thing in your dog maintenance. Regular walking, activities or playing makes them healthy, energetic and happy. It makes them active and brisk. Dogs usually like to play with their owners, they like to go out and likes running. Keeping dog inside the house makes them stress and unhappy. Some dogs need not want more exercise. Lots of exercise makes them tried and illness. Some breed needs more exercise and walking. It depends upon your breed and age.

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